Costa Rica ‘Responsible Luxury” Real Estate

Responsible Luxury in Costa Rica, by Tim Fenton, President of Blue Zone Realty International.

Nestled between the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, and the warm blue waters of the Pacific Oceans, Costa Rica has long been recognized for its environmental protectionism, the benefits and healthcare for the Costa Rica workers, its lush, rich surroundings, and the abundant wildlife.

While most of the world’s population has experienced the need to ‘shelter in place’ as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, several property owners in Costa Rica have adopted a new philosophy of Responsible Luxury. This phrase was coined to reflect the growing trend for luxury home owners who have decided to protect their vast estates, while living in responsible yet luxurious homes. Rather than subdividing the land into smaller parcels and building additional homes, many home owners have decided instead to protect the old-growth trees, and to provide a perfect habitat for the many monkeys, birds, and other animals who thrive in this tropical paradise.

A perfect example of this new trend, is Villa Mareas. Villa Mareas is a stunning 10-bedroom luxury retreat that sits on 36 acres of pristine mountainous rainforest. The ocean views are dreamy, and the quality of construction is matched only by the luxurious finishes. This property, available for $3,459,000 USD, is the ideal personal or corporate retreat. Villa Mareas is the most iconic location for weddings, yoga retreats, and private family functions. The award-winning glass-tile pool is a remarkable feature. The property boasts 3 waterfalls, and is teaming with wildlife.


It should come as no surprise that many travelers from North America and Europe have had Costa Rica on their bucket list to visit for several years, but interest from 2nd and 3rd home buyers has reached new heights over the past few months. With celebrity worthy luxury estates, Like Castillo Del Sol (as featured on Forbes World’s Coolest Helipad Homes) which features 7 gorgeous bedrooms, a private helipad, 3 pools, and music and entertainment room, a manager’s home. and 10 wonderful acres of ocean view property, available for only $2,900,000 USD, Costa Rica is both affordable and remarkable.


Castillo Del Sol



Villa Mareas

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